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Borghese Gallery Tour
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The Galleria Borghese is the former country home of Cardinal Scipione Borghese where he would entertain guests at the villa, located at what was once the outskirts of seventeenth century Rome. The Cardinal was a patron of the artist Bernini and an avid collector of Caravaggio.

Today, the Borghese Gallery is now a public museum that houses famous statues and paintings by these masters as well as Titian, Raphael, Rubens, and others from the Baroque and Renaissance periods. On this tour our expert art historians will show you the spectacular frescoes, sculptures and gardens of Rome’s most beautiful and noble villa.

Our guided tour begins at the entrance of the Borghese Gallery. The Cardinal was passionate about collecting antique sculptures and promoting the creation of new works that would rival the antiques. So at the gallery you will see Ancient Roman artworks including original statues and a famous mosaic with fighting gladiators along with the newer creations of Bernini such as the breathtaking Apollo and Daphne and other masters during his time.

Among the 20 rooms of the museum you will see a part of the great collection amassed over 3 centuries by the important Borghese family who once sold another collection of works to Napoleon and now can be seen in the Louvre museum in Paris.

Sculptures by Bernini are some of the main attractions of this museum: Apollo and Daphne, theRape of Proserpine (Pluto and Proserpina), and David. Some of the notable masters’ works of paintings seen throughout the museum include: Raphael, Titian, CorreggioCranach, Rubens, and, of course, Caravaggio.

After the tour of the Galleria, your visit will end with a relaxing walk through the beautiful gardens of the villa learning a little more about the history of this special place reaching one of the most fascinating viewpoints of Rome.

If you have already been to the Vatican, are a lover of art from the Baroque and Renaissance periods by some of the classic masters, or simply want to visit the exquisite home of one of Rome’s prominent families in history, this is the tour for you. Contact us for availability and pricing.

Reserving well in advance is strongly advisable. Our tours sell out ahead of time and our renown tour guides might not be available at the last minute.

Tour details

  • Duration: 3 hours (half-day)
  • Meeting Point: The museum entrance or your accomodation (More details given after booking)
  • Operating Days: everyday except Mondays
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